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We love to create new patterns for our Eco Friendly Fine Handmade Papers. These natural  fine papers are good to use in Gift Wrappings, Wedding Planning, Cards, Invitation, Scrapbooking, Origami and many more Crafts and Arts projects.  D’eco Himal Welcomes and greets you to visit our  Decorative Handmade Paper Store.         Eco Friendly Fine Decorative Handmade Paper
Handmade products help to preserve traditional skills and techniques while providing livelihood to communities in need. OUR VISION: We   believe   the   marginalized   artisans   of   handicraft   deserve   appreciation   for   their   craftsmanship   and   dignity   as   human beings.   The   artisans   can   excel   in   their   creativity   and   have   a   sustained   livelihood   in   an   environment   of   transparency between the buyers, artisans and producers. D’eco   Himal    -   a   local   craft   promoting   company   works   for   marketing,   management,   and   technical   services   to   low-income Nepalese   craft   producers.   D’eco   Himal    wants   to   be   a   resource   to   advance   to   distribute   their   work   locally   and   globally,   for which   they   receive   fair   wages   and   generous   benefits.   Together,   we   will   blend   traditional   craft   with   modern   design   and technology to suit market trends. D’eco Himal  is registered under the company rules and regulations of Ministry of commerce in Nepal. OUR MISSION: 1 . To   create   economic   opportunities   for   marginalized   and   socio-economically   disadvantaged   producers   to   move   from poverty to self-reliance. 2 . To    make    all    transactions    within    the    organization    and    with    the    organization    and    producers    transparent    and accountability. The relationship should be based on mutual respect. 3 . All trading practices with the organization and its stake holders should be fair and long lasting in its functioning. 4 . The   organization   should   pay   a   fair   price   to   producers   and   fair   wages   to   staff   based   on   mutual   respect   and understanding. 5 . To   ensure   that   there   is   no   child   labor   is   involved   within   the   organization   and   also   at   the   level   of   producers.   There should also be no forced labor at the level of the organization and the producers. 6 . There should be no discrimination, Gender and Women’s economic empowerment and freedom of association. 7 . To ensure good working conditions at the level of the organization and the producers. 8 . The   organization   will   provide   capacity   building   services   to   its   staff   and   producers   to   make   them   more   responsive   to the market. 9 . The organization will ensure promotion of FAIR TRADE at the level of the organization and its producers. 1 0 . The   organization   and   its   producers   should   respect   the   environment   in   terms   of   use   of   sustainable   raw   material   and responsible disposal of waste material.   OUR OBJECTIVES THAT SET US APART: To   widen   the   scope   of   overseas   and   domestic   markets   for   the   Artisans   of   traditional   Nepalese   handicrafts.   This   will help the marginalized artisans a steady flow of work to earn sustained livelihood. To capacitate and help artisans develop new ranges of market oriented and market responsive products To increase productivity and efficiency of artisans by supporting them with need-based skill development training To ensure payment of a fair price to artisans for the products supplied. To inspire the individual artisans to form a co-operative society and to work collectively. To make them self-reliant and empower them with self-confidence. To    provide    social    services    like    education,    medical    services,    hygienic    atmosphere,    cultural    regeneration    to    the members of the co-operative society.
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